Welcome to Wholeness Farms

We are growers who are proud of our organic farm and privileged to be a part of the revolution in California to bring wholesome food to our tables.  We want to share with you our produce, our stories, and the challenges we face as we compete with conventional agribusiness, corporate farming and government regulation.

We are a new organic farm that represents the voice and character of a new socially and environmentally responsible farming system.  Farming tests us with some interesting challenges, so we will have many stories for you in our blog as we confront these challenges, develop action plans, make corrections on the go, and do whatever it takes to overcome them.

We started our farm in March 2009.  Our farmland is located on N. Beckman Road in the town of Lodi, California.  We farm twelve acres of land and will be taking over another seven acres in 2011.

Farming is hard work, and there are plenty of professions that are less risky and less physical demanding.  Organic farming is even harder because the current farming system is designed to benefit conventional and large scale farming operations (not small farmers who struggle equally).  We are committed to this endeavor and our spirits are strong and motivated by the goal of changing how we grow and distribute the food we eat.

We invite you to join us as we face the challenges ahead and become part of the dialogue discussing our project.  We always welcome your comments and suggestions. We will post our adventures on our blog, so please visit often!

2010 was an exciting year for us.  We planted more varieties of crops on more land, increased the quality and reaped an increased quantity, too.  We now have the opportunity to share our vegetables with you through the Wholeness Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  With your interest and support, we can increase the opportunity we have to continue the organic farming movement — for you and for the environment.  We really love what we do and hope that you will choose to support us. We also invite you to visit us at our farmers’ markets stall.

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